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“The Acoustic Light”

Lights from every angle.

With the luminaire series "The Acoustic Light" Artemide manages to meet the acoustic well-being at the workplace in a new way and to reduce the noise level significantly. In order to market this product innovation in a targeted manner, JANUS designed the Acoustic Light brochure.

The icing on the cake of this campaign is the comprehensive microsite, which, in addition to product renderings - naturally made by JANUS - provides a lot of additional information and product details. It's worth taking a look!

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For the product campaign “The Acoustic Light” of our customer Artemide, JANUS was active in three dimensions. Since only a small amount of image material was available, we created high-quality and detailed 3D visualizations of the lamps. What initially seems to be expensive and complicated had exactly the opposite effect – after all, it saved location scouting, lighting installations, shooting and image processing. The lamps can now be viewed from every angle in impressive quality. All the pictures you see here are produced virtually!