Corporate Design relaunch after 30 years

Unique about form – not about colour

In the past 3 decades, JANUS has tightened the corporate design reins on its own brand presence from time to time and made slight adjustments to the appearance, the name and the color scheme. But compared to the current relaunch, this was only a tired nativity scene. One wonders why the whole thing and why now of all times?

The JANUS creative head Thomas Mantei about the new logo

TM: "This nevertheless very radically new and fresh design is part of our restructuring and a clear signal for the digitalization of our agency. It is equally the biggest logo adaptation since our foundation in 1992."

The color spectrum known and typical for JANUS was completely dissolved and the memorable name lettering was completely eliminated except for the first letter.

TM: "These changes are also accompanied by a new or expanded service focus that places the digital component even more strongly at the center of our consulting and production. After weighing up all the opportunities and risks of such a drastic change, the decision was clear and unanimous: Reduction to the essentials - visually and in terms of content.

After all, we achieve uniqueness more quickly through the unique form and less through a color space that is arbitrarily interchangeable and difficult to protect. There is no doubt that corporate colors have an important orientation function for consumers in our industry. If you think of Nivea blue or Telekom magenta, colors contribute to the distinctiveness of certain brands - but only after years.

Colors are wonderful at creating and conveying moods. But using colors to create a unique selling proposition, as Telekom does, for example, is a very long, rocky and economically costly process. We take a different approach here. By reducing our former logo to a unique figurative mark in the form of the letter "J", we believe we can reach our goal more quickly. We still see the use of colors as an important, equally emotional element. In the future, however, we will be more situational in our use of color. However, in addition to our digital focus, we remain a native speaker in print. In addition to social media campaigns via favicons to virtual worlds, JANUS continues to serve all classic channels."

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