Virtual Event

Virtual Trade Fair Campaign

Welcome to the virtual future

In April 2022, the time had come - JANUS directed the virtual platform's successful premier launch:
In real-time 3D, cross-platform for all users in front of computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The newly developed virtual environment offers possibilities that previously only existed in our customers' wildest fantasies.
Real-time chat, including video and audio transmission with individual avatars - the new virtual platform offers all possibilities of modern communication with end users and professionals.

POI – Point of Information

Atrium or convention hall: JANUS provides content and entertaining presentations.
Configuration, discussion, information - the expert panels with live feeds and rounds of questions ensure that all participants remain attentive.
Check out the virtual event in less than two minutes:

Do what's right and share your knowledge

JANUS develops a complete PR campaign for teasers and follow-ups. In doing so, we cover all facets of the media landscape, from "save the date" to an elaborate program on the days of the event via print and digital media.

The curtain rises!

Product teasing in the run-up to the event triggers curiosity about the new product launch associated with the virtual event. In the teaser campaign, JANUS "unveils" innovations and program sequences piece by piece with renowned experts. Hello field service: The sales force receives dispensing cards with QR codes that lead customers straight to a registration page.

A whole lot of expertise

Regarding the details, JANUS is delighted to make its own film studio available. Everything from the storyline and make-up artists to the green box is taken into consideration.
Professional moderation is also part of the overall concept. This way, we shoot 9 clips for the event in two days with renowned experts from all over Germany.
A success story with perspective - the next event will open its virtual doors in 2023.