Brand Relaunch, Packaging Design

A New Look for Mediterranean Diversity

The long-established GRECO® brand deserved a fresh and modern style, so we delivered. JANUS has supported the company for over 20 years and developed an appealing modern design with the help of diverse market research.

In the process, JANUS also created several products from the GRECOS line extension, which complemented the overall picture. A new tagline: "ORIGINAL. NATURAL. MEDITERRANEAN." completes the general concept and supports the brand's international image.

The tagline is already tried and tested in Scandinavia, the US, and other countries.

Delicious design for yoghurts.

JANUS also supports the company's good reputation in the yogurt sector. It is essential to ensure that customers can easily distinguish GRECO® from competitors. Special printing techniques combined with a unique design now immediately catch the eye and draw the hand straight into the cooling shelf.

Holistic Brand Strategy

When JANUS creates a packaging relaunch for an entire brand, every detail receives thorough consideration - including the logo. Consequently, we reimagined the logo to fit a contemporary design without influencing the customer’s perception of the product.

The outcome has already resulted in peak market research results.

Would you like Seconds?

Off to the freezers! JANUS polished the latest line extension of the trend food sector, which is most definitely as aesthetically pleasing as it is tasty. Mozzarella sticks are outdated - time to welcome the original Halloumi Fries and Nuggets.

It’s Meat!... It’s Fish!... It’s Cheese!

The entire barbeque selection scores with diversity regarding shape, ingredients, and packaging design. Moreover, JANUS developed a new concept: the “only true cheeseburger." How fitting – after all, the patties are made of halloumi cheese. Quick side info: On the back of all packaging, you can find and try out new recipes. Backed by social media strategies, we generate the recognition that GRECO® desires and deserves.

Brand Awareness at its Best

We have repackaged the entire product portfolio in the food service sector to fit an overall coherent design. Whether 200 grams or 1 kilo, the packaging design is meticulously worked out and compelling. A Mediterranean success story with JANUS.