Porsche Zentrum Mannheim
Taycan Premiere


Puristic, expressive, timeless – the Porsche-DNA. But what does it mean, when electric mobility starts a new era for Porsche? JANUS brought the answer to our customer Porsche Zentrum Mannheim and staged “Soul, electrified”: The launch of the full electric Porsche Taycan with over 700 guests at the Trafowerk Mannheim.

The preparation for this special evening already started in October. JANUS organized the event from A to Z and was also at the event to take care of the smooth operation.

The Porsche-spirit stands for uncompromising performance, also in the future – therefore Janus chose a location of superlative for a car of superlative: The massive, 25-meter-high test hall for transformers was the stage for this suspenseful Taycan-premiere.

The car: electric. The experience: electrifying. Over 700 guests experienced a perfect choreography and pure emotions with live-music, electronic club sounds, flying buffet, cocktails and dance-performances. The start of a new automotive era – with JANUS without compromises in interaction of performance and design.

Porsche Zentrum Mannheim :