Golf Club St. Leon-Rot
Academy Flyer

The St. Leon-Rot Golf Club has already received several awards as "Best Golf Course in Germany". After JANUS had already been entrusted with the creation of the Corporate Design, the task now was to develop a new communication strand for the academy area – the motto: "fresh and modern!"

The challenge was especially to develop a word-image world that would enable existing members to recognize the company and at the same time attractively address new, potential members. The text concept is based on short but concise core statements – simple and yet versatile.

Only the picture concept was missing! In a three-day photoshooting, the various facets of the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club, its members and the extensive range of offers were captured. JANUS worked together with a professional team of photographers to realize the presented concept in an optimal way.

Golf Club St. Leon-Rot :