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Eastsite ELYSIUM

A special property deserves special marketing

Architectural design, comfort and energy efficiency distinguish the ELYSIUM like no other building. Nevertheless, the commercial real estate market in particular is characterized by an unusually large number of new construction projects, which presents many investors and property developers with a major marketing challenge. In the present case, ELYSIUM's investors have therefore turned to JANUS to rent out the 5,000 sqm of office space, ideally before completion - with the result: Mission completed.

With a cross-media mix of pre-opening measures within a good 6 months, JANUS has helped to ensure that about 90% of the rentable space was actually rent before the planned opening of the ELYSIUM in april 2020. In addition to an extensive exposé, an image trailer, a tailor-made web presence with live webcam and a sophisticated Immo Portal concept, the relevant target groups were continuously addressed and interested in the new building project.

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